The Failure Of The System In Sudan Brings The Serious Economic Crisis

Written By Saeed Talfo On 6th October, 2018 at 3:31 PM Politics

Sudan these days is undergoing a severe economic crisis, in which the local currency continues to fall in the face of the dollar and other currencies in a terrible way, and it is difficult to monitor as long as the decline takes place tragically daily, suggesting a future collapse of the economy system in this country rich with its diversified resources.

The situation leads me to several questions: Does the regime believe that it is the only one capable of ruling the country?

This lead us to the reason where there is no opportunities given to the people of Sudan who are able to come up with solutions to recover their economy, or the regime sees no alternative to it, so government avoids facing reality by enlightening the defeated people in the situation of the country.

In the context of this crisis, the ruling regime continued to repeat the failed solutions without changing, but by replacing the same faces in the governing chairs that reminded us of the game of chairs days we were young in schools.

Come on, what the hell is this nonsense? All of the Sudanese people are one of the first people in the region to know the revolutions and reject injustice and humiliation or is it really about the focus of the concept of their deep state by this unjust and corrupt dictatorship so their lost the identity that causes them the revolution and the Struggle.

I cannot describe the situation now in Sudan except for one sentence: the failure of the System. Even the guests who come to Sudan from the first glance set foot in our beloved land, where they have nothing to do with the worst of things, such as dirty streets, huge queues at the Exchange sites and the windows of selling bread. The high price of everything that is sold is another horrible situation.

“The Sudanese people like other people from African countries, they have the better solution to make their country better as well as our African continent.”, Says CNB Africa Reporter from Sudan.

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